This is .
1.2 Grams of California Mojave desert Gold that I drywashed last month Total sale of this Calif. Gold will go to "PLP" to help in the fight to get our dredge rights back.
YOU will always see A good weight on all of the gold I sell. I don`t blow up my pictures there is always a dime in for size comparison, I have been a ebay member since Nov of 1998....."I don`t have one of those GIANT RULERS with no numbers, where do those other sellers get those"??
I am a "PLP" Member
FREE shipping to USA address only, I do not ship outside of USA, sorry.
If you are not 100% satisfied send it back to me within 7 days of sale for a full refund.

Key weights to keep in mind:

1 oz. (troy) = 31.10 g (31.1 grams)
1 oz. (troy) = 20 dwt (20 penny weight)
1.55 grams = 1 dwt (1 penny weight)
1.0 grams = 15.43 gr (15.43 grains)
1 oz. (troy) = 480 grains