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    Turquoise Mining

    This is great video on the mining of turquoise, worth watching


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    Ca. Moratorium on Suction Dredge Permits

    Moratorium on Suction Dredge Permits

    Jud Roesch of Alameda County just signed the Hillman Karuk Injunction to stop the issuance of all new suction dredge permits as of today 9th of July 2009. There will be no more new permits issued until the California Department of Fish and Game (DFG) completes and EIR.

    There is no language addressing the fact that those who already have permits would not be able to continue to dredge this year. SB 670 will probably not stop those who already have permits either. However the bill and the DFG regulations give them the ability to close waterways in case of emergency. If this happens you will not be able to get with in 100 Yards from any closed waterway.

    PLP has already started working on a Federal Injunction to be filed in Federal Court to enjoin the State of California and the DFG from prohibiting suction dredge mining. The PLP Injunction should be ready to be filed by the middle of August 2009.

    Without a doubt PLP will need more funding to carry this and the other cases we have going on, Karuk v DFG, Hillman, Karuk Injunction against DFG, Hillman, Karuk et al taxpayer law suit and Public Lands for the People Inc. v Eldorado National Forest, Travel Management Plan). We ask those of you who suction dredge or just prospect to please assist PLP in raising these funds to carry these case to fruition in particular the Federal Injunction against the State and the DFG on the non issuance of dredging permits.

    Keene Engineering started the donation for the Federal Injunction with $ 5,000.

    Funding can be donated through pay pal at our website (
    Barrett Whetherby
    3700 Santa Carlotta
    La Crescenta, Ca. 91214

    Thank You

    Jerry Hobbs

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    Opinion granting preliminary injunction 7-9-09

    Atteached is the Opinion. Those of us that don't have our permits won't be dredging anymore in California until we beat this back down.

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    Mining Turquoise For Jewelry & Ghost Town Relic Hunting

    Adventures In Prospecting

    Join Chris Ralph of the ICMJ Prospecting and Mining Journal Magazine at his Turquoise Mine in Western Nevada. See the exquisite jewelry made with this fascinating gem stone. Then do some relic hunting at a real ghost town.

    DVD is extended version with more information about where and how you can dig some Turquoise then create a piece of Jewelry with the gem stone you found!



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