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    maksutaSTAR Guest

    Mining Bill S796

    S 796 Classify's Suction Dredging the same as backhoe's and bulldozers


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    SB 796 wording concerning suction dredging

    SB 796 -- To modify the requirements applicable to locatable minerals on public domain land, and for other purposes.


    In this Act:

    (1) ABANDONED HARDROCK MINE STATE.—The term ‘‘abandoned hardrock mine State’’ means each of the States of Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, NorthDakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.

    (2) APPLICANT.—The term ‘‘applicant’’ meansany person that applies for—
    (A) a permit under this Act; or
    (B) a modification to, or a renewal of, apermit issued under this Act.

    (3) BENEFICIATION.—The term ‘‘beneficiation’’means—
    (A) the crushing and grinding of locatable mineral ore; and
    (B) any processes that are employed tofree the mineral from other constituents, including physical and chemical separation techniques.

    (4) CASUAL USE.—
    (A) IN GENERAL.—The term ‘‘casual use’’means mineral activities that ordinarily resultin no or negligible disturbance of Federal landor resources.
    (B) INCLUSIONS.—The term ‘‘casual use’’includes the collection of geochemical, rock, soil, or mineral specimens using hand tools, handpanning, or nonmotorized sluicing.
    (C) EXCLUSIONS.—The term ‘‘casual use’’ does not include
    (i) the use of mechanized earth-moving equipment, suction dredging, or explosives;
    (ii) the use of motor vehicles in areasclosed to off-road vehicles;
    (emphasis added)

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    SB 796 and beyond

    What's next ?

    Metal Detecting, Drywashing, High Banking, and Panning.


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    Geoggersboisp Guest


    your kids ,wife, neighbor ,where you can crap, how you can wipe your ass how to walk on sidewalks ,when you'll die ,who your doctor will be and how much care you get stepping towards communism no doubt about it or definately socialism U.S.A. United Socialists of America go Obama EEEEER I HATE THESE EMO BASTARDS Pussification of America JUst letting off some steam

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    Geoggersboisp Guest


    Revolutions Calling

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    dredgeguy Guest
    Calm down it will cause you to miss, remember breath, hold, squeeze, breath.

    They are able to regulate co2 soon.
    We will all be polluting when we exhale. Hopefully they do not decide to downsize the populace in order to save themselves.

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    imistiack Guest

    they have a beleif

    a large portion of the greens have convinced themselves that if someone tells them they should be for this and or against that when properly packaged
    it is ok to swallow the propaganda without thinking
    look at p&t you tube regarding petition


    see the laziness and ignorance of the people used against them and us again

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    Hardrock Mining Reform? -More Fees-5%+ royalty fees & rental payments to the Feds

    The 2013 budget includes two legislative proposals to reform hardrock mining on both public and private lands by addressing abandoned mine land hazards and providing a better return to the taxpayer from hardrock production on Federal lands.
    The first component of this reform addresses abandoned hardrock mines across the Country through a new AML fee on hardrock production. Just as the coal industry is held responsible for abandoned coal sites, the Administration proposes to hold the hardrock mining industry responsible for abandoned hardrock mines. The legislative proposal will levy an AML fee on uranium and metallic mines on both public and private lands. The proposed AML fee on the production of hardrock minerals will be charged on the volume of material displaced after January 1, 2013. The receipts will be distributed by BLM through a competitive grant program to restore the most hazardous hardrock AML sites using an advisory council comprised of representatives of Federal agencies, States, Tribes, and non-government organizations. The advisory council will recommend objective criteria to rank AML projects to allocate funds for remediation to the sites with the most urgent environmental and safety hazards.
    Bureau Highlights BH - 11 Bureau of Land Management The proposed hardrock AML fee and reclamation program will operate in parallel with the coal AML reclamation program as part of a larger effort to ensure the Nation’s most dangerous abandoned coal and hardrock AML sites are addressed by the industries that created the problems.
    The second legislative proposal institutes a leasing process under the Mineral Leasing Act of 1920 for certain minerals–gold, silver, lead, zinc, copper, uranium, and molybdenum–currently covered by the General Mining Law of 1872. After enactment, mining for these metals on Federal lands would be governed by the new leasing process and subject to annual rental payments and a royalty of not less than five percent of gross proceeds. Half of the receipts would be distributed to the States in which the leases are located and the remaining half would be deposited in the Treasury.
    Existing mining claims would be exempt from the change to a leasing system, but would be subject to increases in the annual maintenance fees under the General Mining Law of 1872. However, holders of existing mining claims for these minerals could voluntarily convert their claims to leases. The Office of Natural Resources Revenue will collect, account for, and disburse the hardrock royalty receipts.

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